How I Lost 10 Pounds
in 53 Years

From burlesque to vaudeville to big bands and nightclubs, from movies to television to Broadway, Kaye Ballard has seen it all and done it all. Now she tells it all, in a gossipy, upbeat memoir filled with great anecdotes about hanging out at the Actor’s Studio with Marlon Brando...playing Greenwich Village cabarets in the 1950s...performing with Lenny Bruce at the Hungry i...doing live television in the 1950s and The Mothers-in-Law in the 1960s. Meet Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Bette Davis, Barbra Streisand, Doris Day, Judy Garland, Rogers and Hammerstein, Paul Lynde, Jimmy Durante, Bert Lahr, and practically everyone else in showbiz in the last sixty years, through the eyes and distinctive voice of the inimitable Kaye Ballard. Affectionate, amazing, and impossible to put down, How I Lost 10 Pounds in 53 Years is a wonderful tribute to a legendary trouper and her times.


“It's a thriller book! We've all read a biography or two but I don't know one that contains a more interesting past or more poignant stories. Kaye, the photography collection is a thriller as well—wonderful to get to see old friends like Virginia Graham, Jimmy Durante and all the others......WOW!”

—Helen Gurley Brown

“A fun read inside show biz through the eyes of Kaye in
a sincere and honest story.”

—Phyllis Diller

“It's not surprising that Kaye Ballard on paper is exactly like Kaye Ballard in
person— warm, witty, and wonderful. What a great pleasure.
I loved it and I love her. I'm sure you will too.”

—Fred Ebb, Lyricist

“There are few people anywhere on this planet with the talents,
timing and performance skills of Kaye Ballard.
She reigns supreme!”

—Bob Lees, Writer

“I learned more about comedy, timing, how to get laughs, speaking in public and appreciating the values of good humor and great fun while working for Kaye Ballard than I ever experienced elsewhere. Her native wit and intelligence shine through all my own personal successes. She is one of the great talents of show business who has lived it all, seen it all, and remained all heart through it all. Here is the story of a second generation immigrant's rise to the top with laughter and amazement all the way.”

—Liz Smith, Syndicated Columnist for 70 Newspapers

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