Kaye Ballard (1925–2019) was born on November 20, 1925 in Cleveland, Ohio. Since then she has been on the cover of Life magazine, played the Tooth Fairy on Captain Kangaroo, and sipped tea in the Bronx with Mother Teresa. Perhaps best known for her starring role in the 1960's Desi Arnaz-produced sitcom, The Mothers-In-Law opposite Eve Arden, Kaye knew she wanted to perform by the time she was five, and even before graduating high school, began to find work doing imitations of her favorite stars all around Ohio. Kaye performed in both Burlesque and Vaudeville, and before discovering the musical theatre, toured with the Spike Jones Orchestra for two years as featured vocalist and tuba player.

Official website of actress, singer, and comedienne, Kaye Ballard, star of Broadway, nightclubs, TV, and film, best known for her role on the 60s sitcom THE MOTHERS-IN-LAW. The site is operated and maintained by the Kaye Ballard Estate.

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