Kaye Ballard collaborates with her friend, the sassy, dusky-voiced Jaye P. Morgan.


Jaye P. began as a big band vocalist and had a #1 hit with “Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries” in 1951. Following a string of hits, the song stylist took to TV with appearances on Stop the Music, the Perry Como Show, the Ed Sullivan Show, and even landing her own variety show, The Jaye P. Morgan Show.


In the 1960s, Jaye P. took a break from show biz, but came back swinging in the 1970s having reinvented herself for a whole new generation. This new Jaye P. was hipper, fresher, saucier, sexier, funnier, and definitely crazier; among other things she became a perennial game show panelist, most notably on The Gong Show.


Tracks on this 1995 release include “It Don’t Mean a Thing/Stompin’ at the Savoy,” “Basin Street Blues,” “A Fine Romance,” “If You Leave Paris,” “Hero Song,” “A Nightingale Sang (In Berkley Square),” “You’e All the World to Me,” “Let Me Love You,” “Dr. Lookgood,” “We’ll Gather Lilacs,” “Change Partners” (with additional vocals by Mark Sendroff & Mike Costly), and “My Buddy.”

Jaye + Kaye: Long Time Friends

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