The original “Funny Girl,” the legendary Fanny Brice was a theatrical “split-personality” par excellence. She could bring tears to your eyes with hilarious comedy or through sad songs of unrequited love with equal ease. The star of burlesque, the Ziegfeld Follies, vaudeville, musical revues, radio, and film is remembered in this loving tribute album by Kaye Ballard — recorded long before the musical, “Funny Girl” made Barbra Streisand a household name. Kaye’s homage to a great artist is in the form of invocation, not imitation. It is, frankly, unabashedly nostalgic in presentation — a posthumous Valentine to a lady who could convulse you with a dialect sketch, make “baby talk” palatable and strikingly funny, or tear to tatters a torch song.


Tracks on this CD — remastered from the original 1958 LP, “The Fanny Brice Story in Song” — include an Overture, “I’m an Indian,” “Rose of Washington Square,” “Becky is Back at the Ballet,” “When You Know You’re not Forgotten,” “Oh How I Hate that Fellow Nathan,” “My Man,” “The Shiek of Avenue B,” “Song of the Sewing Machine,” “Second Hand Rose,” “Ain’t That the Way,” and “Lovie Joe.”

Kaye Ballard Sings Fanny Brice

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