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The Kaye BallardEstate has made available the following items for purchase. ALL ITEMS ARE FROM KAYE’S PERSONAL INVENTORY that remained in her home in Rancho Mirage at the time of her passing, so quantities may be limited. The items below are items for which there was either a substantial quantity remaining in Kaye's personal inventory, or items that are readily commercially available elsewhere (although the items listed here were actually among Kaye's possessions). Items that are unique, collectible in nature, considered entertainment memorabilia, bear Kaye's signature and/or another celebrity's signature, or are more personal in nature will be sold through auction on eBay on an ongoing basis over the period of many months.  A listing of current items up for auction can be found on the Estate Auctions page. To be notified when new items are available for sale or bid, subscribe to the Estate Sales Mailing List below.


If you would like to be notified when new items are listed for auction or for sale, please submit your contact information.